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Marc Shaiman

"It Must Be Believed To Be Seen (Reprise)"

(At last, Charlie, Grandpa Joe and the rest of the Bucket family are reunited but Willy is suddenly gone. The Buckets go into the factory to start their new lives. Outside, the Tramp returns. He reveals himself to be Willy Wonka. He takes one last look at his factory, full of light and life, and reflects on the possibility of new adventures.)

[MR. BUCKET, spoken]
Come on, Charlie. Let’s go inside.

[CHARLIE, spoken]
Wait! Where’s Mr. Wonka?
We can’t go in without him.
He has to show us where everything is.

[MR. BUCKET, spoken]
I think he’s gone.

[MRS. BUCKET, spoken]
Look’s like he’s left you to it.

[MR. BUCKET, spoken]
Come on, Charlie. We’ve got work to do.

[CHARLIE, spoken]
Come on, Bucket, no time to dally when wonders await.

There comes a time to leave the past behind you
And amongst you is as good a place to hide
So out there in the shadows I remind you
That may be Willy Wonka by your side

And so, my friend, my factory
Continue your routine
Let's say goodbye
For to new worlds I fly
That are not yet conceived
That are not yet achieved
And they must be believed
To be seen…

(As the Oompa-loompas and Charlie wave goodbye from the factory windows, Willy Wonka disappears right before our eyes.)

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