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Tay 600

"With That (Remix)"

Fn Fn shoot at the head of any n*gga want it man
Put 3 in his top, then run fast, I run fast, I run faster than Sonic man
I pop me a percocet or xanax then I charge up like I'm super saiyan
These n*ggas talk like they made of steel them bullets show them they not Superman

You just upped a deuce 5 what you going so with that?
Extendo clip hold 35 you know I'm shoot with that
If I don't know you then don't come near im lookin like who is that?
New n*ggas they can't come here u know I'm not cool with that

(Verse 1)
This sh*t I'm smoking so loud if feel like I'm smoking a hookah man
Catch em lacking broad day turn him to a tooka man
Talking money? Please stop it, I swear I'm not new to that
Up in Lennox spending racks you don't have a clue to that
2015 come now, everyone do this sh*t
Stop acting like u tuff boy, you know that you new to this
So many new killers, I swear this sh*t ludicrous
All my diamonds gold now, it look like they took a p*ss
Mac 10 with a scope and it got cooling kit
30 clip hanging out, it look like a ruler stick
Desert eagle big but I swear ima shoot this sh*t
I know where you stay boy, you going have to move that sh*t


If I take your chick boy you know you not getting her back
Sneak dissing catch his ass put shots in his fitted cap
I ain't worried bout nun my n*ggas they in to that
Acting like he want smoke lil boy I invented that
My n*ggas will finish that, you send shots we going send em back
Catch him lacking, smoke him Cuz he talk tuff on the Internet
And I ain't with that Chitter chat,he mention me I won't mention back
Catch him lackin. Hit em in his stomach he going need a sh*tter bag
I got clips like a movie, and I keep a f*cking tooly
Try to treat me like a goofy, ima turn u to a smoothie

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