Tay 600

"Red Light"

Yeah, Wooski, you made this beat? Ayy

[Verse 1]
Choppa leave yo' face on a canvas
Riding through the opps we got four Glocks they come in handy
Somewhere getting top from this lil' bop, I call her Mandy
You ain't got no job why you in the car if you ain't blamming
Everyday in school I came in high they tried to ban me
I just f**ked a thot but she from Madison & Laramie
Every since I f**ked that n***a b*t*h now he can't stand me
But he ain't gone play he know I'm savage like I'm Randy
Let a pu**y n***a tweak then it's gone be a murder uh
Got Lil Fendo on standby you know that he's a purger uh
'Member posted in them trenches, it's just me and Burger, uh
If she acting like a fan you know I gotta curve her uh
I ain't saying I'm Herbo but I do be swervin' uh
All that fidgeting and sh*t I got you n***as nervous uh
Only bosses talk to bosses and yo' ass a worker, uh
All these n***as steady claiming blocks I never heard of
What's yo body count? Put yo' ass on CNN
If I ever see the opps then we won't meet again
Shoot his face and he gone fly just like he Peter Pan
Two Glock .40's on my lap, you wanna see the twins?
n***as that used to sit with me bet they can't have a seat again
Let that f**k n***a ate off my plate but he won't eat again
Yeah my b*t*h she took me back but ima cheat again uh
All these some n***as frauds like a CPN uh
Know a youngin', he 16, but he a face arranger
The day that b*t*h gave me some pu**y, she became a stranger, uh
Yeah, I asked about you, they said you ain't a gangster, uh
All that cracking treys and sh*t gone make me face a gangster uh
Steady acting like you tweaking off them mids, stank him
Last n***a played with my name I killed him dead, paint him
Any n***a think that I'm playing bout my bread change him
No Young Joc it's going down like a damn anchor
I don't gotta stay in them trenches I been stood there
A 100 shots up in this draco so I'm good there
Right on the 'Met yeah that's my block, yeah that's my hood there
And i was terrorizing the opps b*t*h I'm like Suge there
Every since a kid I was wilding throwing gang signs
No you not a war if you sliding and they ain't dying uh
I could never be a snitch and I ain't trying uh
Put that nickel to his head, call it FaceTime, uh

[b*t*h, let's get it
n***as already know how the f**k we coming man, on gang
Real gang banging sh*t, you know
Real savage sh*t
I was a savage before rap, n***as can't even compare to this sh*t
These n***as frauds
Leave my name in this sh*t for real]

[Verse 2]
b*t*h thought it was over, uh
Shot at me and missed, guess I was lucky like a clover ,uh
Broski pop his top, he run his mouth just like a motor, uh
Foenem steady killing like they tryna' reach a quota, uh
n***as Twitter beefing, we gon' pop him like a soda, uh
b*t*h, I'm Master P, ain't got no limit to these soldiers, uh
Since I was a youngin', I already been a smoker, uh
Solo put that .40 to his neck just like a choker, uh


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