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Tay 600

"Red Light"

[Verse 1]
Choppa leave yo' face on a canvas
Riding through the opps we got four Glocks they come in handy
Somewhere getting top from this lil' bop, I call her Mandy
You ain't got no joc why you in the car if you ain't blamming
Everyday in school I came in high they tried to ban me
I just f*cked a thot but she from Madison & Laramie
Every since I f*cked that n*gga b*tch now he can't stand me
But he ain't gone play he know I'm savage like I'm Randy
Let a pus*y n*gga tweak then it's gone be a murder uh
Got Lil Fendo on standby you know that he's a purger uh
'Member posted in them trenches it's just me and burger uh
If she acting like a fan you know I gotta curve her uh
I ain't saying im Herbo but I do be swervin' uh
All that fidgeting and sh*t I got you n*ggas nervous uh
Only bosses talk to bosses and yo' ass a worker uh
All these n*ggas steady claiming blocks I never heard of
What's yo body count? Put yo ass on CNN
If I ever see the opps then we won't meet again
Shoot his face and he gone fly just like he Peter Pan
2 Glock .40s on my lap you wanna see the twins?
n*ggas that used to sit with me bet they can't have a seat again
Let that f*ck n*gga ate off my plate but he won't eat again
Yeah my b*tch she took me back but ima cheat again uh
All these some n*ggas frauds like a CPN uh
Know a youngin' he 16 but he a face arranger
The day that b*tch gave me some pus*y she became a stranger uh
Yeah I asked about you they said you ain't a gangster uh
All that cracking treys and sh*t gone make me face a gangster uh
Steady acting like you tweaking off them mids, stank him
Last n*gga played with my name I killed him dead, paint him
Any n*gga think that I'm playing bout my bread change him
No Young Joc it's going down like a damn anchor
I don't gotta stay in them trenches I been stood there
A 100 shots up in this draco so I'm good there
Right on the 'Met yeah that's my block, yeah that's my hood there
And i was terrorizing the opps b*tch I'm like Suge there
Every since a kid I was wilding throwing gang signs
No you not a war if you sliding and they ain't dying uh
I could never be a snitch and I ain't trying uh
Put that nickel to his head call it FaceTime uh

[b*tch lets get it, foenem, n*ggas already know how the f*ck we coming man, on gang, real gang banging sh*t you know, real savage sh*t, I was a savage before rap, n*ggas can't even compare to this sh*t these n*ggas frauds, leave my name in this sh*t for real]

[Verse 2]
b*tch thought it was over uh
Shot at me and missed guess I was lucky like a clover uh
Broski pop his top he run his mouth just like a motor uh
Foenem steady killing like they tryna' reach a quota uh
n*ggas twitter beefing we gone pop him like a soda uh
b*tch I'm Master P ain't got no limit to these soldiers uh
Since I was a youngin I already been a smoker uh
Solo put that .40 to his neck just like a choker uh

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