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Gucci Mane

"I’m Da sh*t"

I'm the sh*t b*tch (4x)
Look at my neck damn
Look at my wrist damn
Look at my b*tch damn
Look at my fit damn

[Repeat Chorus:]
Gucci mane you think I'm handsome huh
Prolly cuz I got dat phantom huh
I'll ride yo ass through east Atlanta skate
I'll make yo girlfriend start to hate
Now I can't make you any promises
But I might buy a couple outfits
Make you look like you posta look
Gucci shoes matching pocket books

[Repeat Chorus:] (2x)
It's black magic n*gga we keep the waves
And walk like I'm floatin' on air I'm so amazing
And make sure my bullets go through you
f*ck grazing I'm itching just to shoot one of you
f*ck n*ggas hatin and you could be yo hustler
I'm used to takin' hockey mask all black down just
Like I'm Jason too much time wastin'
Put em on the pavement next day
See his b*tchass on front page in

[Repeat Chorus:]
I'll make you envied by another chick
Make you wanna fight another b*tch
Make you wanna suck a n*gga, di*k
Make you wanna eat another b*tch
Now I'm gon' take you out to eat and sh*t my homies lavish
You should see the sh*t now
Don't be acting all conceited, trick you
f*ck with me, I'll make you famous b*tch

[Repeat Chorus:]

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