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Gucci Mane

"Dirty Cup"

[Verse 1 - Gucci Mane]
6's on the Charger and they said it couldn't fit
But I'mma still do it cause a n*gga so hood
Wish I could and I know I should
But f*ck that sh*t, right now I can't do it
Got a super thick chick with some real big lips
And a swear the little b*tch suck the di*k so good
Gonna hit this scrilla like a picnic
Take a clip, b*tch, take a Twitpic, ? of a big di*k
Talkin' too slick, too quick, to a new b*tch
b*tch'll teach a trick to a trick, have a blue di*k
'Bout the same time that Jay dropped the Blueprint
n*gga tried to say that I hit him with a pool stick
Say you got a gun, but you know you can't use it
So Icey boys, and we still tote Uzis
It's about money, it ain't never 'bout music
Yeah, he from the streets, but he still ain't Gucci
Hunnid bottles of champagne, just cooln
If groupies keep droolin', then the hoes keep choosin'
Walkin' through the mall like I'm 7 feet tall
Tryin' on shoes and I got my toolie(?)
Damn Gucci Mane, you so unruly
If I'm standing in ya way, then pus*y n*gga, come move me
10-17, yeah that's my movement
Got 10 young killers on the back of my ?

My cup so dirty
My cup so muddy

Dirty cup, dirty cup
Damn I got a muddy cup

[Verse 2 - 2 Chainz]
Opposite of being broke, mane
Cocaine, dope man, got them Js smokin' out a coke can
n*gga got so much work, talkin' work
When I'm in the car, they still say I'm ridin' in the work van
Oh man, oh man, you don't really know
What it did when the spot you workin' at is really hot
And you gotta put it in the butt, but her butt ain't big enough
So you gotta go get a booty shot
Got my tooly c*cked, let the 50 cal dig her down
n*ggas know I pay a few bills
Your work stepped on, I got my vest on
Muf*ckas already knowing what it really is
Click clack, get back
You work out, might hit him for a six pack
Work out
Get that? Might hit him for a six pack
Flip that, me and broke n*gga mismatch
My rims cost 10 stacks
Pimp that, get back
If I fall off, then I motherf*ckin' limp back
Pimp that, pimp what
She said where your motherf*ckin' limp at
I said I had a good year baby
So where my, my motherf*ckin' blimp at



[Verse 3 - Gucci Mane]
Back against the wall, I'mma ball like a dog
I don't f*ck with y'all, y'all won't ever be me
Talk sweet game to a petite thing in the Jeep mane
Knock ya teeth out in the middle of the heat game
You see things, hoes see things, you a G, mane
Be all you can be, don't be like me, mane
Give you 'bout three, I'mma whoop it like free
Have a pint, have a liter, this that dirty sweet tea
By three, I was just tryin' to grind on a G, mane
Same time that Dr. Dre said "G Thang"
Damn what another n*gga said 'bout me
Why these n*ggas still worry 'bout me
Buyin' ?? mane on the D-train when the bricks came
Damn I act a fool in the kitchen with my wrist game
Ice on my neck, got a chick and a Vette
And I'm ballin' like a player for the motherf*ckin' Jets, mane
Take it to the streets, want a war with a G
Live at the gun range like my name Chief Keef
Say he got beef but you ridin' two deep
I'll knock a passenger to the damn backseat
King Louis shoes on my feet, ain't cheap
Gucci Mane street, I'm so concrete
Me and Zay's style is so unique
Got your baby brother sellin' work for me

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