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Gucci Mane


So much cash that a n*gga can't hold it
I walk around with bands on me n*gga I'm loaded
n*gga I'm loaded, f*ck n*gga I'm loaded
All this money on me I can't tote it
I think I need help cause a young n*gga loaded
n*gga I'm loaded, f*ck n*gga I'm loaded

My pockets got them ? like professor klump
I'm in a rarrari so the front yea thats what a trunk
I'm smoking thousand dollar blunts it smell like a skunk
I got pine a purple drink I'm a strike the punch
I took the b*tch for breakfast but I gave a ? for lunch
I got three hundred thousand dollars eat my captain crunch
I get these b*tches what they want I get like a flaunt
She just wanna address some ? wanna smoke a shunt
Oh thats yo girl? man don't get your panties in a bunch
You know she gobble on ma balls like they crunchy munch
I ball four quarter straight I don't ever punt
I'm in the club everyday, you just want so much

Nasty, white girl
Stacks in my house, don't need a bank account
So much mula, a b*tch can't even count
Grab a stack don't hesitate to spend it all
Went to Lennox f*ck duck the whole malls
Stacks in my attic, stacks in my carpet
Stacks in my mattress, b*tch look at my apartment
Yea you see that paper coming out apartments
White brick mob, look wah we just started
Leave ours haters stanking like that muhf*cker farted
Yo b*tch just mad cause my shoes she can't afford it
Tweet another b*tch yes ho I imported
Bring the mural checks cause b*tch I'm important!

King of my city, you know I am the baydestrian
All this polo on you know I am any question
My super model b*tch bad, if she is a lesbian
She let a white girl mob, she can join cause she mexican
I am not a actor don't play me like a desbian
My porno b*tch a factor she just wanna a adian
Shout out to trey, I'm living like a maybian
I bought the bar out, they at the door saying let me in
I rock a lot Gucci Gucci, prada and fendi
My white b*tch playing Gucci snowing pot outta of Benji
Stacks on deck like a n*gga in a batter box
n*gga I'm loaded is that what you mad about?


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