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Gucci Mane


[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Got 200k in my earlobe, don't put sh*t in my beer folk
Got a young ho, 10 years older droppin' di*k like a bulldozer
Got my older ho she's a real soldier pulled over in Minnesota, 10 bales of doja and a new Corolla
She let it go and she still goin'
Blowin' on some sh*t real potent
Slow motion I'm still toastin'
Wrist glowin' no discoin' but I'm kickin' sh*t like I'm field-goalin'
If you didn't notice, I'm gun-toting, I start commotion don't need promotion
Way more money than an average person, bad b*tch buy shoes and purses
Brand new Bentley I'mma close the curtain, pack came in so back to work
Faithful to his girl, he a loyal dude but these racks on me a make her start the flirting
Say he gettin' racks but he missing payments
Back to the basics I'm in the basement
Got a trap house wit' a weed house in Jesup
Pockets so hard they had to call the station

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Faces, faces, I seen so many places
Pockets full of dead white guys that's plenty faces
Faces, faces, I love that white; I'm racist
Don't wanna see no new faces, Rubber bands on all my faces
Faces, faces, I've been so many places, I've met so many woman
Tryna skeet on all they faces
Faces, faces, pretty face I love to baste it
Bad b*tches I paint they faces, get face on a daily basis
Faces, faces, these n*ggas scared to face me, you know you pus*y face it, mask on my face like Jason
Faces, faces, I trap and rap - two faces
The feds they keep on chasin', f*ck around I'mma change my face

[Verse 2: Young Scooter]
I caught a case and had to change my face
They was on my trail, but I got away
Faces equal paper, faces buy you cases, favor for a favor
Faces equal blessings, faces equal flexin', faces stop the stressin'
I say f*ck the feds and free Jerry Chester
He gave me a blessing, lotta n*ggas telling
He just make the call and I relay the message
n*gga I want it all, I'm talking faces
In every state I ball, In different places
Don't you p*ss me off, you'll be faceless
Wit' my back against the wall, I still made it


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