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Gucci Mane


It's Gucci
Huh Yeah yeah
Mike will
Trap god
It's Gucci

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I'm in a rolls Royce in the backseat
Pull up to the club I'm just one Deep
Its gunplay if a n*gga jump me
Cause I'm an OG just like Bun B
RIP to Pimp C rest in peace
CEO Gucci call me Easy f*ckin E
Glock forty in my ree's I'ma keep it G
Half a pound in my briefs cause I like to chief
I'm discreet but I'll serve you right in front the street
And you a liar saying the FBI is watching me
I'm a mob guy you think I come from Italy
I got a 458 and its Sicilian

I'm tone round a couple
2 Bad b*tches thick mothaf*ckas
I got cash with me
Tone round a duffle
I got a strap with me
Tint with the mufflers
Who wanna strap with me
Gucci brought the muscle
I don't tussle with these n*ggas I'm a hustler
I got them bands on me
Tone ya too long bruh
Gotta man up it's time for you to stand up
Run up ya bands wit me

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
If ya girl chose the plug she's a real smart girl
You a strug I'm a plug it's a real cruel world
She's a real cool girl
Blowin strong with the goons
Baddest b*tch in the room but she wouldn't clip her wool
I'm sippin rum with ya mom fresher than you hittin the prom
Imma f*ck her till she c*m
Get her sprung
Hit the bong
She in love with my swag
I'm in love with her tongue
Fell in love with her esophagus
I swear her head the bomb
If I stood on all my money
I'd be taller than Lebron
And my top keep dropping back just like the hairline on Lebron
Call me uncle when you see me cause I used to f*ck your aunt
Had a threesome with your mom now you look just like my son

(Bands wit me bands wit me)

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