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Gucci Mane


Ahh, yeah, yeah it's Guwop
Well I was standing on, across the [?]
Dawg, who gone, you know, hah
Zone 6 stand up, EA's finest n*gga, hah
I ain't taking no b*tch out, I'm taking n*ggas off
(catch up)

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I got 25 pints in my boot bag
25 ounces of that OG gas
I got a mall full of young n*ggas, OG man
And I'm a paper route boy, and Young Dolph fan
I got the pretty white squares with the dragons
I made half a mil betting on the falcons
And I still giving dope to your daddy
Call me unc 'cuz you know I f*ck your mammy
26 and straight eight, with the head back
Getting head from your momma where the [?] at?
Red fours on a red and black bentley
Crip blue fortune looking just like panties
Low weight n*gga but I'm riding on skinnies
Just hit a lick so I'm finna spend plenty
Pull up in the club I ain't throwing them a 20
I at least made 20 mil along i20
20 years old yeah 20 f*cking licks
20 year old gucci 20 year old b*tch
80 rows and I'm 30 years old
With the suicide doors and a ride or die b*tch
Drive a car for my n*gga said daddy wanna please me
Tell me where you wanna come, then so he can meet me
Pull up with a mac 11 right up from the front street
Ain't no n*gga gon' jump me, a n*gga gon' chump me

[Verse 2: Young Dolph]
Just got a call that my dawg got you steady, (word)
Got the car keys and the choppers out the attic, (yeah)
It's the part of the game where sh*t's getting tragic
n*gga say he got problems we gotta let him have it
Bought a couple AK's and a couple carbines, (ey)
My dawg been robbing now we got a couple problems (f*ck)
He wrong or he right b*tch we shoot him on sight
Burn your man house down the next morning catch a flight, aight
Check him up out of here hope he told his family goodnight
Thanks to breaking down these bails I done live the good life, (yeah)
We out in vegas partying like ain't sh*t happened
Out here f*cking whitney, b*tch, tryna see what happened
I hate b*tch ass n*ggas with a passion
I had to leave ain't got no time for no question askin'
Feet kicked up smoking and relaxin'
Shoot a n*gga ass out John Paxson

[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
I'm the type a n*gga that'll shoot you in public
Ran into a n*gga that i robbed in public
I said i heard you looking for me and he tried to change the subject
Had that pistol in my brief, said he thought i wear it ugly
Up the tone, ready and i ain't do it in the public
Somebody called the police 'cuz they thought i was gonna bust it
I ain't give sh*t back that is not up for discussion
You shoulda known zone 6 boys hate to be trusted
Pull up in a ticket and he pull up in a custom
Said the n*gga had it roasting the pus*y n*gga lucky
I might pull up in a rolls royce he pull up in a bucket
Yeah i rob your homeboy but i ain't motherf*cking ducking
If you see me in the club, gotta keep on trucking
'cuz these n*ggas wanna f*ck sh*t, and i ain't with the f*ck-a-roo
Got a pistol on me dawg, eh yeah, its the stress in me
Matter fact, two pistols, can't let you get the best of me
It was 1998 when i first learned the recipe
I was buying dope, cook, man those f*ckers was catching me
Better sell these quick, man the lord he was blessing me
Got a carbine and a tec, got a whole lotta weaponry
Hundred thou off the dough, wearing gold off the ecstasy
Put a cap in the mob, yeah them n*ggas was finessing me
But i broke off ain't gotta be here [?] unprofessionally
Man my first second mill put that pistol on that Mexican

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