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Gucci Mane

"Fresh As A b*tch"

[Intro: Gucci Mane]
Big money talks
Just got off the phone with Dolph
Threeway with Scooter

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Balenciaga (fresh as a b*tch)
Gianni Versace (fresh as a b*tch)
Dolce Gabanna (fresh as a b*tch)
Maison Margiela (fresh as a b*tch)
Ferragamo (fresh as a b*tch)
Juicy Couture (fresh as a b*tch)
Louis decor (fresh as a b*tch)
Shopping for her (fresh as a b*tch)
Tom Ford my jacket (fresh as a b*tch)
Pucci my glasses (fresh as a b*tch)
Fendi my wallet (fresh as a b*tch)
And Gucci my khakis (fresh as a b*tch)
Can never be tacky (fresh as a b*tch)
Prada birkin bag (fresh as a b*tch)
My tailor Italian (fresh as a b*tch)
Egyptian the frames (fresh as a b*tch)

[Verse 1: Young Dolph]
Your boy pus*y, the n*gga a snitch
Go dump on him and then f*ck his b*tch
High-tier Alessandro Dell'acqua, but these shades not Prada
n*gga come between me and my dollars, it's gon' be problems
Dsquared on me, I'm fresh as a b*tch
Invested a whole brick just on my wrist
Lil' mama she falling in love, but you see my heart, ain't no more love left in this b*tch
I'm smelling myself, I think I'm the sh*t, matter fact, I know I am
Every baddie know me for a scrap for 150 grams
Pouring up with Guwop, counting up with Longway
n*gga this sh*t ain't nothing to us, n*gga we can do this all day
Smoking Skywalker and it's loud as a b*tch
That sh*t that you're smoking is mild as a b*tch
It's Dolph a.k.a. Dolph compared to my n*gga, [?]

[Verse 2: PeeWee Longway & (Gucci Mane)]
Fresh as a b*tch in my Louboutin kicks
Pucci my glasses, Gucci my khakis
f*ck a n*gga mean, I never be tacky
Bvlgari Goku, Rari I be smashin'
Designer state in the latest fashion
Nicki Minaj, ass, smashin'
Tarzan Giuseppes, the molly I pop it
I boot up on molly and take on Iraq
I cover my body with burning karate
I told him exclusive, a zip in my pocket
I met him on reefer, I pull out my socket
(Blood on the bottom, I caught me a body
Went to the mall and I bought me an Audi
These are Versace, and those are Huaraches
Michaels Kors down minus the tie, the shoes I got on me they cost me a 9)

[Outro: Gucci Mane]
My whole crew dressed to kill, we be dead fresh
Trend setter, another trend set
Best dressed, best dressed, yeah, we best dressed
Best dressed, well dressed, wish they well dressed
My whole crew dressed to kill, we be dead fresh
Like a walking dead man, yeah, we dead fresh
So fresh, too fresh, so well dressed
He be dead fresh, she be dead fresh

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