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Gucci Mane

"Free Throw"

Ha, it's Gucci
2016, Wop
The Wop is free
Free, pus*y
Zaytoven, Ziggy
Burrr, haha
Okay, it's Wizzop

I'm the freshest n*gga you know
No stones in my Hublot
Started as a group but f*ck it I'm goin' solo
A one man army, why would I f*ck with you for?
Cause I don't wanna fix, ya the brokest n*gga that I know
All on Guwop di*k like you'se a homo
Gon' head and diss Big Gucci, you need the promo
My tennis change brazy, loco, please call the popo
These local rappers wish they can phase me, that's a no go
I'm eggbeater, beater, be-beater just like my logo
I'm 85k just to feature like Ochocinco
Gucci Mane latino, they think it's Cinco De Mayo
Cause just like Cam, used to get it in, in Ohio
Bricks for the low but the birds fly through the sky yo
Shooters on the roof got murders all in my bio
Zay, that's my vato, yeah-yeah, that's my primo
Maybach's sickenin', damn it needs some chemo
See I was hittin' licks when Juvie was droppin' G-Code
And I was sellin' bricks when Lebron was shootin' free throws
Exclusive Lebrons come out next year, cost me a G tho
And I'ma buy like 50 new pair for my people

Wop, Wop, Wop
Woptober (Zaytoven)
Woptober (Zaytoven)
Wop, Wop, Wop
Woptober (Zaytoven)

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