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Gucci Mane

"8 Mile"

Haa, dope boys, wow
Zaytoven, Ziggy
It's Gucci
Dope boys stand up
Haa, Zone 6 sh*t
f*ck ya

[Verse 1]
I pay a penny for your thoughts and leave your brains on the asphalt
Don't blame me, it's the cash fault
I throw rocks from the glass house
A trap house, a stash house
Rob your plug, take the mask off
I don't need a handout but I might cut your hand off
I'm so Marilyn Mason, I'm so heinously handsome
I'm more dangerous than famous, I'll take your grandson for ransom
Up all night, live a vamp life, that lady in the trap
My b*tch sleep all day, got gold fangs like a vampire
The neighbors might find it odd I wear my shades in the dark
And when I say I'm a god I still have faith in the Lord
Know (?) is a sport, be careful what you record
These men act like boys they scared to cut off the cord
I'm in the wrong profession but I'm just guessin'
But my mom home stressin', I'm over the stove strechin'
These n*ggas all dry snitches, they singin' like John Legend
500 pints, I sold 'em in 9 seconds
My money took a nosedive, I rob my next play
But I ain't shuttin' the trap down, I opened up next day
Man I just had a vision
They tryna send me to prison
With no pot to p*ss in
No women to stick my di*k in
It's the clone named Gucci
They should call me Tuki
He wire tapped, that boy ain't kill him cause he look like Pookie
Look at dope fiend Suzy, that's my dog like Lucy (grrr)
I'm a neighborhood celeb and she's a dope boy groupie

Dope boy, skrt, skrt
Wizop, catch up
Oh, oh, skrt-skrt
It's Gucci n*gga
It's Gucci
Real trap boys
Dope, dope, boys
(Get your motherf*ckin' weight up)
(Somebody bring me a rerock machine)
Ha Pressi
Ha, skrt
Woptober, trap sh*t

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