Gucci Mane

"Guwop Talks Sauce"

Noisey Interview: "Is it hard to be fresh or If you don't have money can you still pull it off?"

Guwop: "If I ain't have no money I'll still have sauce, so if you don't got no sauce then you're lost but you can also get lost in the sauce."

Noisey Interview: "How you gon' get lost in the sauce?"

Guwop: "Man the b*t*hes man the b*t*hes could get you lost in the sauce mane know what I'm sayin?"

Noisey Interview: "I know what you sayin' man."

Guwop: "I'm sprinkling sauce droppin' sauce as we speak man."

Noisey Interview: "Right right right"

Guwop: "Nah mean."

Noisey Interview: "I dig it man."

Guwop: "Overdose of sauce."

Noisey Interview: : "*laughs* that's what it is."

Guwop: "No meat just sauce."

Noisey Interview: "When you're born can you be born wit' sauce or do you acquire sauce?"
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