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Gucci Mane

"Zone 6"

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Rolls Royce painted burgandy
Told the dealership I need it urgently
Guwop fresh out, work release
Jury game on Hercules
Up my pistol, I'm up a ten
No n*gga got the ups on me
Bank account jumped suddenly
And now she hugging me
All this ice on me, please please keep the light on me
Lose your life 'bout me, n*ggas will kill broad day for me
Too real to be make believe, got a cover like Maybeline
Ruby and flake on submarine
On the weight machine with a ton of weed
Mexican mafia, Felix brother
Joined at the hip, can't leave each other
Siamese twins, we feed each other

[Verse 2: Yung Mal]
Siamese twins we need each other
Double-R, Rolls Royce, got peanut butter
I was dead broke just last summer
Stayed down, got Oprah Winfrey money
Chopstick, draco shoot a whole hundred
My dog sleep on the bunk, need to free my lil buddy
Talk to migo, he got them bags coming
I'm in Gucci like Pump, in a 'ject like the Bronx
Throw a gun in that skunk, in Chanel got bump

[Verse 3: Lil Quill]
I'm in the closet debating
Should I pop out with them gators or not, I'm just thinkin'
I just put some racks in the bank
I still got a ton of my bricks in Atlanta
We stood together forever
I'm sippin', I hit the gas, push the pedal
Get this sh*t in, we bust 'em down and we sell 'em
My shooters stay with artillery metal, whatever you call it

[Verse 4: Yung Mal]
And yeah that's my whoadie, my round, my brother
My n*gga, my dog, whatever you call it
Remember us thuggin', trappin' out in hallways
Takin' chances, now n*gga we ballin'
F&N with the tips 'cause I gotta stay catious
Used to trap out a zip, now I need me a forklift
Draped up in drip like I got an endorsement
Switching gears in the Porsche with horses

[Verse 5: Lil Quill]
I switch the gear
He cut the traction
I grab the backwood, break the plastic off
She poppin' sh*t
We pushin' up in this sh*t with the sticks, finna air it out
She suck my di*k then she cook me grits
I grab my sh*t then I'm banging out
b*tch, I get money and that's all that I care about
So I could give f*ck 'bout your whereabouts

[Verse 6: Yung Mal]
We don't speak on no prices, I'm in and out
Know the ticket is signed, give a f*ck 'bout a drought
No a n*gga not regular, I switched up the route
Couple racks in the safe, n*gga been had some clout
You broke, don't let money come out your mouth
See I scope, 1017 got the Wop
I'm in the boards, I came from the block
Middle finger to the narcs, I'm never gon' stop

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