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Gucci Mane

"I’m Back b*tch"

Im starting off my day wit a blunt of purp, no pancakes just a cup of syrup
Bakin soda pot and a silver fork, you already kno it's time to go to work
Im back off in the kitchen working wit a chicken
You get 63 grams for my 12-50. 50 pounds of purp 50 pounds of [?]
And soon as it gon I sold anotha 60
My baby need some shoes my auntie need a purse
Summer comin real soon so I need vurp
I hop up out dat van wit dat duffle bag
And if a n*gga try me I'mma bust his ass
Im counting up money in my living room
Birds errwhere I call it da chicken room
Pillz in da cabinet pounds in da den
Attic full of good basement full of benjamins
2 ak-47's and a blow-torch, couple junkies knockin hard on my front porch
A couple old school's in my backyard, if I dont kno ya I'mma serve you through my burgular bars

Gucci back b*tch yeah im back b*tch
Did you miss me or miss my raps b*tch
Dis dat new sh*t
Dat county jail sh*t
Dat seven flow rice street straight outta cell sh*t
You on my sh*t list im on da Forbes list
Since I'mma rich n*gga I need a rich b*tch
I gotta sick wrist; it cost bout six bricks
Im on dat slick sh*t dat zone six sh*t

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