Gucci Mane

"Bad Bishes"

f**ked a b*t*h she got the D O Donnel
f**ked a b*t*h lambo in the tunnel
I said my name was Dan O'Donnel
Then she sucked my off like Dan no trouble
f**ked her one time then I f**ked her double
In the pu**y Danny caused some rubble
Smashed the pu**y like that avo on toast
Now we on the pipe crystals on the roast
Meth high seen the Holy Ghost, now she wanna f**k
With the host

Yeah I'm killing sh*t, I'm killing sh*t, f**ked Mary yeah I'm living it
Im Jesuses dad Im a living fit yеah I'm off my head Danny smash the clit
Joseph walkеd in was like what the f**k, I said Im God c**t you can shut your cuck
Then I sold the bible and I made a buck Im the Dan O Donnel Joseph you can f**king suck
This Irish c*ck I'm the leprechaun, cos I smoke green count gold while I'm making porn
b*t*hes pussies are hella torn when the donnels bout on the meth score
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