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Gucci Mane

"Cartel Talk"

It's Guwop
What's happenin' n*gga
Roger turn up n*gga

A hundred bricks, cartel talk
A thousand pints, cartel talk
A mean pills, cartel talk
I trap for real, cartel talk
Cartel talk (6x)

[Verse 1]
I was trappin' like a cartel
Started out trappin' at the hotel
Whole sale, retail, sellin' fish scales
Under scale, bricks and bells I'm the man
Look at me and look at Rodger Beat
Look at them and look at him, no sir
I think I'm Pablo, John Gotti, El Chapo
Head honcho, they say that all my goons local
Cartel talkin', I'm on the phone with the plug
Finesse often, I tricked them out a lot of drugs
Boss ballin', you short stoppin', candy loftin'
No crossover make you fade away like Michael Jordan
Beatin' that pus*y, I'm Kimbo Slice I'm shawty daughter
Like bottle water, put that 40 on your [?]
Cartel talk, dope dance a moon walk
I'm fresh as hell, skate gear Tony Hawkin'


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