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"Still Fly"

I just hope you don’t mind me switching up the tone
It’s just, I figured you were getting tired of all that simp sh*t
I think you’ll like this joint, it’s called Still Fly, cause I am my guy
Here we go...

I'm still fly I'm sky high and I dare anybody to try and cut my wings
I'm still pullin' out the phantom and these haters can't stand him
Brother, I'm still doin my thing
I'm still fly I'm sky high and I dare anybody to try and cut my wings
I'm still shuttin' cities down every time I come around
Brother, I'm still doin' my thing
I'm still

Responsible for everything you listen to
While mediocre talent proceeds to try and condition you
Took over my city and I never asked permission to;
Started poppin' bottles cuz it's Arlington tradition to
Celebrate at A-Town, f**k 'em at the beach tho
If there ain't a penthouse in it it's a no go
Coldest thing droppin' and these b*t*hes still want snow tho
And I just blow my load, while the haters give me promo
And man, my DJ shoulda won that
Malcolm lacks respect, man the city owe him one back
All these old heads keep they minds on one track
And me, I run Arlington, holla at me when you done laps
Roll around with Spencer, party with some ganja
Shout goes out to Alex, and Carmona in Espana
Shout goes out to Will-B
Motherf**ker I am ready
And whoever got the torch just can't seem to hold it steady
Cuz I see the flame flickerin'
Ex-girls bickerin'
Got these women jockin' me from Four Mile Run to Maryland
Tried to show my brother T3kk the ropes, now he playin’ Paladins
And he takes a second at our gatherings
Please start doin' you, I been doin' me
And I'm a staple in my city, you can never ruin me
Rappers are emotional, so don’t start reviewin' me
And I got love for everybody even if you're suin' me
My brother Malcolm knows
We f**k with the same hoes
Plus he taught me how to spot a marine in plain clothes
Starin' at you pu**y wiggas, all I see is rainbows
Hoppin' on the track to nail this f**kin Drizzy Drake flow
Things are getting Jazzy
Please do not harass me
Just holla if you got me and f**k you if you had me
Shout goes out to Mandy, shout out to Orlando still
Shout out to Julio and Peter, man you know the deal
Shout out to KenKen, shout out to Pa Lung
The names I mention are crucial; you know we stay strung
And life is good, everything is just fine
I am so sure of my rhymes
I could sacrifice a line like (mumbles)
Yeah, haha, I swear I really f**kin' does it
I had these wiggas trippin', no luggage

You know, I shouted out a lot of names on this track
If you were one of them, that means I identify with you
And you’ve played a part in making me happy this year
I’ve had quite a struggle in math, but you’re there for me Usman
And my Bio group, I can’t wait for the trip in a few weeks
I love you all and I own it
Now enjoy the final third of my album, cause it’s all for my day one fans

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