"Behind Barz"

Yeah, look

You know how the paigon chit-chat goes
I like R's and V's and O's
I don't really play no tic-tac-toe
Been with Chubbs through highs and lows
We seen man last night, they froze
Wasn't no cameras, wasn't no pose
Just like that one time at 'Chella
Good thing man weren't pullin' out phones

[Verse 1]
Stay in big six-six with woes
Man start dissin' and doin' reposts
They do anything except road
Still can't see them after it snows
I don't have time for the wasteman jokes
Personal ting if I'm gettin' up close
Loyal to O 'cause I've taken a oath
Versace hotel and I'm takin' the robes
Seen 'em in person, I'm seein' a ghost
They told me relax 'cause they're takin' control
Take all that sh*t up with P and his bro
I wish you the best, let me know how it goes
Wanna be free and I wanna let go
We came around and you showed us the most
I know so much sh*t that I cannot expose
I keep it inside and I laugh on my own
Got all the tea and I'm hottin' it up
I need a shade mansion, a room's not enough
You're droppin' some sh*t but that sh*t was a bust
They got no direction, they're followin' us
I come from a city that they never touch
Your man is a goofy and he could get brushed
I can't name a rapper or girl that I trust
I dream about turnin' these yutes into dust
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