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"WAR (Remix)"

War Remix..
Shout out Drizzy

Billion dollar condo, whole crew lit
Luccishinigami, got a brand new drip

I done caught a hunnit the way Im kiling melodies
Catch me in Toronto, f*ckin lil CeCe lil pus*y

Luccishinigami, make real monopoly money
Got my Choppa chillin beside me for my axienty

I know it's tapped! that's no cap, n*gga, honestly
Last night ryda made f*ckin it rain trap dynasty

You a fool You a lame literally (little league?)
Made Shorty turned dike now she wants to be me?

I wish the b*tch would just quit The facade already
Ive been doing good, Sold out shows rhey love me..

Jus a few lil pounds so I dont need a chopper not another
Luccishinigami, Toronto gotta love him

And my b*tch wet as f*ck, she jus wanna be popular!
I'm confident with You & I'm c*cky without ya

Every body got wacked welcome to the mafia
Im jus wit the woes in the ghost on a couple drugs

A couple thugs a few drinks a n*gga gotta buzz
I had a goal I went hard I'm coming up
I had a goal I went hard I'm coming up..

Blame me for the life that I lived
Blame for the life I'm gon give my kid
Blame me for the sh*t that I did
Blame me for this life and sin..


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