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"Chicago Freestyle (Remix)"

Crib to the stu to the plane
Plane to the Lambo dealer
Gotta go
Cause i don’t feel ya
Lately gone cause i see the real ya
Take a trip up to the moon
How many girls in my room
Can’t go or else i’ll meet my doom
All good zay look around
Gotta a few shordies up in town
Can’t love or make a sound
Gotta drink or else i’m feeling down
Last night i slept on the ground
Tonight she sleep in a gowned
Gotta girl i know she been down
In the streets we keeping all them rounds

L.A know we had to go fight
Thought about nights
Where we had to sell white
I made it out striving
And shout out to ice
My brother for life
I promise we got it
No matter the struggle
You know that we poppin
You know that we got em
They love when i’m droppin
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