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"Mafia Music"

[Sample: Scarface]
You wanna play with us?
Say hello to my little friend

[Verse 1: Big Mike]
These here is the dog years, but motherf**kers don’t shed
I got homies I rode for, they the ones that want me dead
They don’t realize I got mob ties
Ain’t that funny guys?
On my Ivan Drago sh*t
If he dies, he dies

Big Mike the Don, they should call me Corleone
Mafia warfare, that’s the vibe we on

Keep your friends close, enemies closer
Your friends could turn to enemies before the day is over
I learned the hard way to look over my shoulder
I guess it’s true that you grow wiser as you grow older
Hindsight’s 20/20, ain’t no point in looking back

Keep your eyes forward, get this cheese like cheddar Jack
Cut the grass, in doing so I revealed the snakes
Like Q said, we don’t conversate with the fake
Hit em with the dagger like I’m Steph Curry
Got them feeling weak like they had scurvy
I drop sh*t that everyone got on repeat
But when you drop, not even your friends peep
You on the move, but it look like you standing still
I’m moving on, no more wishing ill will

Cuz when you get to where I’m at
You gotta remember where you’ve been before

I know where I’m headed, I don’t need a map
Drowning Pool, “let the bodies hit the floor”
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