"One Dance Cypher (Glaive World Cypher)"

Glaive World
J-J-Jitbands14 next up

[Chorus: Jitbands14]
Yeah me and Minion on this beat
You know he likes to lick my feet
Ask what I'm doing, I am beating my meat
f**k I got c*m on the sheets
And I spilled some lean on the seat
f**k that b*t*h she belongs to the streets
You know I am next up
Pouring lean all in my cup
Kill that boy I don’t give a f**k
Pipe that b*t*h make her quack like a duck

[Verse 1: Jitbands14]
Napping in bed with my teddy bear
Talk sh*t about me I don’t really care
Eat her ass like a f**kin bear
Talk sh*t about Jitbands you a square
Try and fight me I'll go and tell my mommy
She'll go and leave you dead like you're Tommy
You smell like sh*t like your mother Bobbie
When you see me in person you will be sorry
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