You’re Mines Still lyrics


[Hook 1]
(If I ever)
Yeah, if I ever made you angry
Girl, just know that it gets better with time (Time)

They say time heals
She said my name when they f**ked
I’m on her mind still
He won’t say it but I bet he knows you’re mine still

That n***a insecure it got you angry
Lately you’ve been noticing he ain’t me
(It’s 3AM)
That’s what you get for tryna change me
Girl, can’t no n***a replace me
I’m always gonna be the same me

They time heals
Don’t tattoo no n***as name because you’re mine still

Ain’t going nowhere until you make me

[Verse 1]
That lets me know that I’m staying
You made your bed, so this the bed that you lay in
You call your girls to get opinions, just to see where they weigh in
They tell you leave me be you do everything but what they’re saying

What was the point in asking
If you ask me, you’re doing everything backwards
Won’t lie, it’s difficult to forget all that happened
First step for that is embracing all that has passed us
It throws me off that you told him about the past us

I was sitting at the bar when I saw you with a n***a I ain’t know
But I seen his face around
I ain’t think much into it then but it hit me now
Ain’t that ol’ dude you told me not to worry about
I ain’t got a read yo body language, baby girl cause I can hear it shout
He don’t give you pleasure, you miss having me around

[Hook 2]
Since he can’t put it down like me she angry
I even think he noticin’ he ain’t me
(He ain’t, no he ain’t)
That’s what you get. You can’t erase me
Girl, can’t no n***a replace
You know now and it’s hard to face it

They say time heals
You tell him that pu**y’s his, you know it’s mine still

Girl, you can lie to him but you can’t play me
Why else have you texted me lately

[Verse 2]
I told you that the grass ain’t always greener then said “pick a side”
You can try to hide but you can’t run from what you feel inside
Probably typed a message for me just to get your feelings out
Read it then deleted it but it’s probably still memorized

Damn, I know you so well
You say you OK but your face says what’s real

[Hook 3]
Yeah, can tell you feel a way, I see you angry
Everybody noticed that he ain’t me
(Yeah) (he ain’t)
That’s what you get. I hate to say it
Girl, can’t no n***a replace me
You lie to yourself saying you hate me
But we both know that’s false

They say time heals
Don’t say yes if he proposes cause (you’re mine still)

But regardless of it all, you’re still my baby

(regardless of it all, you’re still my baby)

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