Clout lyrics


Yeah, you already know man
It's your boy, TJ
Ain't doing a verse on my sh*t, I already killed it
Let these legends holla at ya, TIP
(Yeah, I'm talking true A-town trap sh*t, ya understand that?)
(It the motherf**kin' king homeboy, hey Trinidad, dig this homes)
Big bank, all I do is get bank
n***as hating on me but they b*t*h ain't
So conceited, I don't think my sh*t stank

400,000 dollars on a Mulsanne
Come and kick it with a west side n***a
Think I ain't about that action, wanna bet my n***a?
All day thumbing through the check my n***a
Boy you broke, you can't even be a threat my n***a
When you're talking to me say it with your chest little n***a
I pull up on your set and makе a mess little n***a
Okay, I got a kilo of gold 36 O's
Wrapped around thе neck of a dope boy
Gold yacht, Master Presi' diamond in those
And just paid cash for a Rolls Royce
A true trap n***a, I done sold everything
Trouble Man, Hustle Gang, all gold everything
I said Trouble Man, Hustle Gang, all gold everything
Bought a gold bottle now we on the Dom
Big faced Rollie take up half my arm
Porsche 911 with the Gabby top

All gold scale, that's my magic box
Got the soft, my n***a
Give me thirty minutes, I'll be right there

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