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"Better Me"

Too many problems
I got no options
Another summer
Imma fall in the autumn
If you're my home
Then my heart is like the centerpeice
Crawling on my corpse
Eating at it like a centepede
I wish i got a call back
Laying on your porch like a doormat
Dormant i'm inside it's storming
Thin walls you hear my recordings
Wrong place wrong time
I got the wrong mind
I'm in too deep
I gotta rewind
I'm chasing a feeling
Neglecting my instinct
I know that you think about him when you kiss me
Laugh it off
She don't f*ck with me unless i tap it raw
Baby that's my job
I break that jaw
Insurance got it covered
Got a really good idea
Keep it hidden from your mother

I just ran out
I need more now
Screaming at it like he boutta tear the door down
There's parts of my head i won't explore now
And i think of you
And i'm just looking at the floor now
Lift me when i fall then drop me
If you want it to stop then stop me
I promise you girl that monsters not me
Its so much different when you look
On the outside
All good on the outside
But look on the inside
Nothing makes sense
Find me catching a high
Somewhere in my head
Yeah were all just tryna get by
Work until im dead
At night i swear i see faces on the edge of my bed
I tried my best still it just turned out less
Smoke up un my breath help lift up all of my stress
Baby trust me when you left
You don't know what that meant
You don't know what that meant

Trust me
Its just too damn hard to love me
Noone to count on its just me
Move on start a new
Sounds lovely
Too good to be true
It must be
I burned
All your accessories
My head
Still has all the memories
I tried
All types of therapy
Still i can't
Can't find a better me

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