Don't you try it with me
I know you're lying to me
Feels like every single day's the same thing
And on and on it repeats
It don't feel special to me
I hold my [?] close to me
But if it's smudge it's on me

[Verse 1]
I don't understand what's going in my brain
Just another day gone down the drain
Different places I can put the pain
Crying on my way to the bank
I'm a lonely soul, it's been a lonely day
All I ever try to do is make them grow, they can thank me later
Chilling on my own on a big skyscraper
And it's so funny how it goes
I'mma sit and lie low try to find control
It's so hard to teach better take notеs
Swear always in [most?]
f**k around and take a dose
In a 6 hour flight to a lost coast
And I'm just a lost causе don't help me out, don't lead me on
And I don't wanna be there unless it's not long now
19 to 21 didn't know what I become didn't what what I be-
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