Only Almost lyrics


I just want to make up
I just want to break out
You stay on that account
On my profiles, like a stakeout
Keeping watch like it's a long night
It's a hard time, trying to get the wait out
Staring at your face for a picture, I could make out
But it was just a fake-out

There's a tension in the air
And it hurts but I just can't figure out
The words, no I can't put my finger on it
Like thorns, 'cause I can't put a finger on it
I'm so bored and the fun feels faker now
I feel torn, got some nerve thinking
How do I feel hurt?
Like what did you think I felt?
Grave robber
Why'd you even dig it out?

Please sat alone
Please just tеar me apart
'Til my last scrap of bone
Make mе hollow
Make me feel empty
Make this feeling leave
Too much to fix me
I'm so embarrassing
It's just so real to me
My eyes feel sticky
And I'm not even wiping them
'Cause I know I'm just gonna cry again
What's the point? I feel silly
Oh, aren't I just a pity?
I probably look so dumb right now
Talking to myself
Who am I even kidding?

And it's almost funny
How coincidental it is
And it's almost funny
That it's always a friend
And it's almost funny
How much I've lost hope
And it's almost funny
Yeah, but only almost

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