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Benjamin Tod


[Verse 1]
And oh Diane, Diana darlin', Diana dear
You were like a lighthouse shinin' bright
And I was some lost sailor in the night
And oh me, oh me oh my-oh, oh me poor boy
I fell for Diana like a child
Her ways were always free and wild

Men came from miles and miles
They all shined in your eyes
Sweet Diane, the queen of the brothel
And I'm just Thomas Russell

[Verse 2]
Oh Diane, I'll plow the land, I'll be your man
I ain't like all these other fools
And I'd do most anything to prove
Oh Tom, oh Tommy boy, oh Thomas dear
There is one thing that you can satisfy
Kill that old bast*rd Sheriff Clyde

He takes my horse for free
He scares away the thieves
Kill him with the lead from your pistol
Won't you, Thomas Russell?

[Verse 3]
Oh Sheriff Clyde, known for his fight and drunken rage
I followed him into the dark
I emptied my Colt into his heart
And oh Diane, I've done your deed, you're mine to keep
Now that I've fulfilled your desires
So we rolled around for a while
Under the morn, the door kicks in, with sickly grins
Three rangers step in and I shiver
They hand Diana 30 coins of silver

And the whole town's arrived
To watch me hangin' high
Except sweet Diane, the queen of the brothel
Tricked old Thomas Russell

And oh Diane, Diana darlin', Diana dear
Now I'm just an ember in your fire
Stoked of only men with cruel desires

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