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This is a $umeenk track

If I buy a clart
I'll shoot you in your face
And you ain’t gettin out this no way
Your gang will give you up, you ain't safe (skrr-skrr)
Buy a clart, now wait (wait)
Till the day (till the day)
They don't know me yeah
My risk? Nah, I'll beat you in the race
And you be takin' my place, no way (Revenge)
The only way (skrr-skrr)
And you dying's the only way (that's the only only way)
I ain't used to playin' b*t*h

f**k you name it, taking you came with
f**k you name it, f**k you, you're nameless
Who the f**k you playin' with? (who the f**k?)
And n***a don't say sh*t (say it)
n***a you ain't all smoke, you evaporatin' (fake)
I have doubled, tripled the money you say you's making (double that, triple that)
Play my tune, nod his head, you know its steeze (he knows, he knows)
And I beat your girl already, thank you, you've been patient
Boy already knew (Brr)
You plugged it into the street, he try to lips who ever I beat (d**khead)
They loyal to me, they're even with me when you sleep
I don't hit and delete
I make an army for the streets (for the streets)
Why do mandem want compete?
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