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"Don’t Cry"

Elevated, elevated prod
Essie Gang, Essie
Elev- Elevated prod
Let's go

My tune came on and you
Banged it out (bang)
Banged it out (bang)
Banged it out
Don't lie (banged it out, don't try)
Always here never switch side (switch side)
Don't worry 'bout me, fam I've been the guy (mm yah)
That's why your girl came and I
Beat it out, beat it out, don't cry (don't cry)
Only got the real n***as on sight
Couple n***as that I don't like

f**k them
I don't chat sh*t or mislead, never
I took it past 100 degrees
Yeah in disbelief, I turned 2D money into 3D (stack)
Got time for my sket (yeah)
Way too fast for her to leng (too fast)
Know that she has to come correct
I have to launch her and this p collect (skrr-skrr)
Your mom said look at him stacking
While you're fully napping, when could've been backing
In your dreams, you can catch him
Cause he's so close, I already overlapped him (two times, three times)
Splash with the flow
Jon with the snow
Zeus with the lightning (shing, shing)
I don't chat to my label, I just get my check in, writing songs (money, money)
When I walk round I take all the right lean
No carbs no fear (never)
But you can never stick it on me (no)
The pressure (yeah), the pressure (yeah)
But I turned it around, had too flip that script (flip)
Move quick, move quick (move quick)
Saw that money and I dip (dip), saw that money and I
Di-di-dipped down, don't watch the receipt coming out off the till
Yeah I grab the bill (bill)
Don't watch the receipt coming out of the till
Yeah I grab the bill (bill)
Eat properly like D double E, still man I grab that bill (that bill)
Money dance, like I'm too free (too, free)
Five bills on the shades and I can't even see (okay)
I'm leaning, I'm leaning
Them man alert man but I can't even see (okay)
I'm preeing, I'm - I'm preeing
Essie Gang we're in a distant league
Can't test me and my team
18 and my teeth go *tsk*
And you heard my tune and I know that you
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