​girl in red
Sobriety got the best of me, I must be hungover
Dry me like the washing, load me when I'm sober

The drinks are hitting harder, go back to October

Skinny jeans, amphetamines, that shit hits like morphine
I did all of the shit now it settin' of the endorphins

Did a job, for the money that got the rest of me
Shooters always wanna try and get the best of me
I shot her in the leg, I expected an enemy
Now I'm sitting in a cell

I just need my call right now
I just need it right now
I need my call right
Hand me the telephone
Cause I need to get out of here

You bleed out all over the covers
Fuck it, we're just lovers
We ain't a Juliet, we are the ones on the run (yeah)

It always hard to recover, when you live like us (yeah)
Heart signs in my eyes, but I can't ever show up (no)
I really wanna talk, bout how we're runnin' outta time
But the clock runs frontier, and I can't stop lookin' in your eyes
I just crumple up inside, and it makes me cry
I just wanna speak to you, but the alcohol survives