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Gully Gang

Shah Rule!

[Chorus: Meba Obifila & Shah Rule]
Mirror mirror, in my hand.. you don't define who I am
Mirror mirror, in my hand.. tell me what you got in plan?
There's more to me than what you see, not every day's a movie scene (movie scene)
I hit the lights and go to sleep, lucid dreams under the sheets... I give you all my honesty

[Verse 1: Shah Rule]
I know you watch me in the kitchen... damn right I over ate!
My pockets looking real thick thick right now, damn right I'm overweight
I haven't made post in a while.. damn it's been a while (damn it's been a while) 'cause I gotta get in shape
When my phone’s fully charged on a hundred... there’s really no escape
Lockdown... trapped by these apps
I love ass, double double tap, even if its cap
And Imma' clap when she make it clap clap clap clap
We gone Netflix and chill so hard and I need a nap
Too many thots on my mind, I need balance
My girl in my DM's, like who the f**k is Alice?
My thumb slips sometimes, l know that he's a savage
I didn't even like her photo, I just liked the photo
I'm just HOOKED!
Let me go through these comments
Let me count every view and Imma' check if anyone boo' d
And if you like those comments you enemy too
Hahaha.. I'm just kidding
No I'm not... I love hater and I just joke a lot
Can't see myself no more in this black mirror
I only see these chains, they show me I'm a winner

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