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"Internet Phone Call"

[Dialogue: Zitro & Joshua]
She did have free time
Yeah, that’s what I’m saying
She went to a bunch of restaurant which costs so much money in New York
Do you know how much it costs for a f*ckin’ hot dog in New York, five bucks
Imagine a whole dinner
Dude, I don’t know man, even the street food I’d imagine like, New York, you’d have to have “f*ck you” money, in order to survive and eat I dunno
Then you have this capitalist over there, everyones looking for a buck
You got these people in Mickey Mouse costumes, Spongebob Squarepants outfits, taking pictures for tips
Lets say there was a street fight in Times Square, and the dude in the costume got ticked off
He takes it off, and he goes all out, that would be crazy

Somebody in a Superman outfit, breaking down in character
Like, “we gotta talk”
Yeah, I dunno we can vent about stuff I guess
Oh, what did you have in mind?

I had a fight at home today
Poured a glass of wine down the drain
Is this what it’s like, is this what it’s like
To fight, to keep your family situation sane
I mentioned that God is watching
Followed with a reply that says
"Everyone makes mistakes", so I'll keep repeating them ’til the bad news breaks

[Dialogue: Zitro & Joshua]
Did I tweet about this, did I nickname Sign ‘O’ the Times, SunChips ‘O’ the Times, ’cause when I first heard Sign ‘O’ the Times I was eating SunChips
Really, I didn’t see that tweet, I’ll check it out I gotta find that
I probably didn’t tweet it, but that is the truth, when I first heard-
I was listening to The Hits on cassette
And that song came on, and I’m like, I’m eating SunChips
And it reminds me of the SunChips I used to eat
When I was listening to the song, and I was also eating it during Thieves in the Temple as well, so that also reminds me of SunChips
SunChips of the times

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