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"Cast Party"

[Intro: Zanders]
I make the stupid rap song with the beat
And it always goes, the beat always goes like

Thank you for being part of the show
You're my favorite one
You're my favorite one

My internet addiction, my boredom, and my love for music
A mixture of all three brought us all together
Different mouths riffing on the same script
It’s the last season let’s make this count
I know that I’m gonna miss it when everyones out
Going out with a bang, we will no doubt
See you at the reunion, you know I always come back
No invitations, only the stars are here
(Thank you for being part of the show)
You can be one too, only if you're kind
(You're my favorite one, you're my favorite one)

I just sat on my headphones
Rest in peace headphones, R.I.P., R.I.P
I'm a f*cking retard, oh well...

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