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Fred The Godson

"Back to the Bars"

[Verse 1: Nino Man]
When a little time go by, they forget what you've done for them
Always tried to comfort them, now you ready to come for them (Yeah)
Catch him when he throw out the trash, then really dumpin' 'em
He can barely walk through his av', n***as be jumpin' 'em (Ha)
Friends kept pumpin' him 'til they back got the pump in 'em
Walk by bumpin' 'em, like he voted for Trump and 'em
n***as ain't cool 'cause you loyal, they cool 'cause you up (Yup)
They will stop doin' sh*t for you when you losin' bucks (Yeah)
Can't tell who rootin' for you, confusin' as f**k (Yup)
That's why I refused to be toyed with, the Ruger is tucked (Man)
I'm from 30 Lenox (Mm)
Got off a half in an hour, imagine thirty minutes (Mm)
We can't go half on a sour, you run a dirty business (Mm)
'Cause I'm the man with the power
I'm really sturdy with this (Mm), this sh*t'll hurt the witness (Yeah)
This the drama hour, free the whole Rikers Island (Free 'em)
They ain't comin' home yet so they on Rikers wildin' (Damn)
Kay Slay, this sh*t ain't for play, play
Let 'em know we spray K's and spin 'em like bay blades (Ahh)

[Verse 2: Vado]
They think rappers out here givin' these false prophets
Kanye gon' be the next president, y'all watch it (Yup)
'Fore I ever picture me fallin', naw, I'll crop it (Ha)
Gotta get money as long as you got pockets (Tell 'em)
Twenty-four hours they callin', non-stop sh*t (Tell 'em)
Remember them corner store mornings? Hot chocolate (Tell 'em)
Fiends catch siezures for more and they pop-lock it (Tell 'em)
Makin' it stretch like yawnin', five pots in
There's a lot of abomination
They came at Bill 'cause he tryna buy a station (Yes)
Yet we still payin' for O.J. violation
Police kill, the decline, no time facin' (Huh)
I can't breathe, answer, man, please
Y'all be ready to squeeze for sayin' some damn freeze
Remember me not standin', be on my damn knees? (I know)
Remember me not fightin' and coppin' some damn plea? (Huh?)

[Verse 3: Mysonne]
I'm the hood messiah, blue flamed fire (That's right)
I'm the real life Marlo from The Wire (Uh huh)
Y'all know I inspire and motivate
n***as say Mys' ain't fire, you know it's hate, I don't debate (Nah)
Naw, I educate, I inform, I teach (Uh huh)
I feed my team before I eat (Real n***a)
Before I breach security, I die with my purity
Nowadays I take my time, it's maturity
Grown man sh*t, G-O, b*t*h (Uh huh)
I use to sell grams, never no scam sh*t (Nah)
I do mutual respect, no fan sh*t
Any disrespect get smacked, whole hand sh*t
Fam, you in a cage with a lion (Uh huh)
You engaged in war with a giant
You better pray 'cause I swear today the Lord the only thing that's gon' save you from dyin'

[Verse 4: Fred The Godson]
Shooter's anonymous, uh
I tell 'em use a machine gun (Why?)
In case a nine'll miss (Woo)
Problem is Fred dominant
Bed wit' a dime in it, leg got Lebron in it (What?)
I shoot for the Cavs and then a headshot
Barrel on your neck longer than Hogan leg drop
Birds from a Pelican, punk, Rondo
Coke, weed combo, convos in a condo (Ha)
Put bread on your name, turn you to John Doe (Ha)
Been sellin' the 'caine, know how the problems go
On the base like McGwire
Thirty-eight fire, might acquire a choir
Or whatever they say the Reverend requires
I level with spies, I remember the buys
Still kill at will, never was tired
Beretta in a peacoat, leather, n***a, I'm fly

[Verse 5: Locksmith]
Slave mentality
Keep the n***as at bay so they behave erratically
Keep the rappers in place while feedin' 'em waste scraps
They just erased black face and replaced it with face tats (Yeah)
So why listen to a mother f**kin' troll that's feedin' off black emotion to send us back in commotion?
It's really just rap emotion but we see what he plottin'
We went from cotton fields to pills of Oxycontin (Uh), they plottin'
Your cerebellum is antebellum you can't repel 'em
What's dwellin' inside of a man's soul? it's the cancer swellin'
He's tellin' these lies and we're so annoyed (Sick)
How you claim to be a God but your God is an opioid? (Opioid)
How you claim to be a king but your throne was ghost-written?
I don't blame him so much but the people that's close with him (Yeah)
These industry n***as is so smitten but I say what I want, when I want, no permission

[Verse 6: Jon Connor]
People confused between gettin' views and the fiction news
But it lit a fuse when you this in tune and you listen to 'em
The visions, the vision on ya television in the livin' room
And this is what a mind sounds like, breakin' out of it's cocoon
Police killin', celebrity suits willin', viewin' the wrong direction
Government makin' 'em choose one side even though we all affected
Dumb sh*t on the radio all day, dawg, it's all connected
n***as be talkin' about how they won't change but we all accept it
I learned that it's a new evil, look how they do people
If you wearin' blue then it's cool, whoever you shoot legal
We all high off stupid, social media the new needle
We need new leaders and preachers, deacons and school teachers
We need to invest back in our self but that ain't what school teach us
Ridiculed, they told we a fool, they tryna remove thinkin'
Need to expand our brain waves, we in the swimmin' pool sinkin'
Hopin' I'm givin' you somethin' to think about, don't be confused

[Verse 7: Joell Ortiz]
I'm so incredible, 72 pedestals or steppin' stools
My residential level is heavenly
The bed I use, is made out a cloud formation, I'm never pressin' snooze
I'm woke, ya'll mentally broke
That little set of jewels, it won't be shinin' when ya lights go out
I'm talkin' when the phones turn off and the mics come out
I'm gold medalist, no bronzes inside my house
You 'Brons run inside the house when Mike come out
I'm Iron Mike in a title bout with shines in his mouth
Puff your eye or give it up like Shyne on the couch
The nine's 'bout fired out so many times I lose count
I used to lie in and pounce like a lion on a mouse
No lie, you lyin' dirt like coal miners 'cause the beak of that eagle had iron flyin' 'til you migrated south
sh*t, I don't pop a lot, I just drop 'em on the sky
(What that mean?)
Mean I knock whoever violated out
I love hip-hop but hate what it's turnin' into
Nouns, verbs, repeat a couple words and you through
I take that personal, too
So every person or two that wants us versus them I got verses for you

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