Está Rico

Marc Anthony

[Letra de "Está Rico"]

[Intro: Will Smith, Bad Bunny & Marc Anthony]
Marc Anthony
Bad Bunny, baby, bebé, bé-bé-bé
Will Smith
Haciendo historia, haha, wouh

[Pre-Estribillo: Marc Anthony & (Will Smith)]
Tú quieres algo y se te ve (Ah)
Aquí hay ambiente pa' ahora y pa' después (Uh)
Ya tú probaste la otra vez, por eso sabes (Huh)

[Estribillo: Marc Anthony & (Will Smith)]
Que esto está rico (Ah)
Está rico (Wuh), está rico (Hehe)
Tú sabe' que esto está rico (Huh)
Está rico (Ah), esto está rico (Prr, prr; eh)
Tú sabe' que esto está rico

[Verso 1: Will Smith]
Hola, yes, it's the Prince (Fresh)
In an unmarked car with the tints
Marc Anthony with the new anthem (Yeah)
Yeah, I know, is a lil' intense (Intense)
Ferragamo on the collar
We gon' mash a throttle in Miami harbor (Harbor)
Girl, you on me like a shadow (Yes)
You make the move, make it matter (Matter)
Hey now, well I guess we can play now
Blend my Philly way now, with your Latina sway now
Sacude tu cadera (Pull up!)
Always taking pictures, laughing, blowing kisses
I think you're delicious, Marc, what this is?

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