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Word Play


[Verse 1]
I just left from Ferguson. Yeah I stay there with my mom's and them
‘Bout to got to Florissant. Smoking kush up with my n*ggas’s what we do for fun
‘Bout to hit up n*ggas from Pine Lawn
And go to Pagedale with them crips till dawn
And in the Hill, I fit in ‘cause my real name
But them Italians call me Word Play the Don
My n*gga Chris run the city, and E-Man he run U-City
Shout out to JVL, big ups to n*ggas in the Greater Ville
Soulard got the white folks, Carondelet got white folks
Imo's or Bing Lau, either way I'm from the Lou, baow!

I be spitting propane
I be smoking strong, call it protein
I just left from Ferguson
On my way to the money, I’m the chosen one

[Verse 2]
‘Bout to go to a party though. And it's by my set so I got to go
It's prolly gon end in a shooting. But it's STL, so I ain't tripping
On the south side ‘bout to hang with my boys. 3 in the morning and we still up making noise
Me, Remsteez, and Luke, get in trouble with the law
When we chilling 'round the Loop, now we ‘bout to head to Shaw
South city n*ggas rowdy. It be raining bullets, it's always cloudy
If you got beef, we can go to war like the Iraqis
But I'm sleep on that subject ‘cause there’s money in my sight
And this song’s about a regular St. Louis night


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