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{0.20 seconds into the video, When the freestyle starts}

Hope ya ready son
Yo that sh*t is ill AS f*ck
Uhn. Check it
Oh you just gon'- You just gon' go in your pockets?
Streetlight, More like Sweetlight
I'll beat yo ass down until you can't breathe right
Catch me, the name is Dashie
Haters in the cut, they call me, XP, b*tch

Yo, Speed it up just a little bit, Thanks
Uh, Yo, Uhn
I tell them, "Guess who's in your area
The delirious nightmare; he's scary as type
Preparin' marin' than hype
Where I carry the light
Weird, I'm daring Darius Might
Dare the hilarious type
Light and they quite scared, precarious height
I'm daring, rarely in flight
Yeah, y'all parry and tarry in sight
Tarry and ight chairs, you parry it right
Alright, I'll bury you right, there
Comin' near me; it's hairy; clearly, where we don't fight, fairly
Tell me I'm not awesome
Lyricist often called the pyramids reminiscent hall
Adrenaline feeling the heart, sick as a cough
Carcinogens into a jaw with the spit from itches to sip it back through a straw
Give it to y'all; deliver the rhythm in raw; lyricism with infinite jaw
Tension mixed with the scars, given through long missions and
Pretendin' to give a flip with this insignificant midget den dimwitted critic thought

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