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"Dashies Gaming Freestyle Compilation"

(What) (Uh) (Yea X4)
1994 Virgin Hold up
I ain't about that life yo
The lion king i am the king
Trust muhf*cka im not lyin
(Ha) see what i did there
Dashie got puns like everywhere
Start options go back up
This game is hard im about to throw up
T-h-e l-i-o-n k-i-n-g its dashie
Oh sh*t that means that i can spell
Not really i can't spell that well
Matter fact i need to go back to school
But id rather stay home sleep and drool
(Its dashie and welcome to) aye
Hold upX2 aye
Ima play this game real propper
Hurry yo ass up head to the chopper
Part 2 you know how we do
Yo i got to doo-doo

(For rest hmu on kik @mediadevice and let me know if u want more

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