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Hurt Everybody

"Hella Lightning, Hella Swords"

(Hella Lightning)

[Intro: Supa Bwe]
Showin' off
You showin' off
New work (New work)
Apex! (Apex)
Apex (Apex)
New work (Magic)

[Verse 1: Supa Bwe]
Supa In the b*tch, I'm an animal (Animals)
You can get a fix or feel these mandibles (Mandibles)
Move work, get paid, then I blow it all
Couple battle scars, lemme show'em off
I don't give no f*ck if you don't feel me though
Feel me though like lightning I'm invincible
I don't give no f*ck if you don't like me though
Like me though, like lightning I'm invincible

[Verse 2: Carl]
Like lighting though, lighting dope, No hoes born after 94'
I catch her while the night is young, the moon is out, her eyes are low
I think I'ma lycanthrope, crazy but she like it though
Charge her like a isotope, proton neutron all that baby
I just wanna fuuuuck- no talk n a little 2Pac
Hurt everybody girl don't be shocked
This ain't personal, its just art
This that wattage, got me started
Feel this damage and blow your cottage, down
Big bad wolf in a world full of swine and its fine
Till a pig get spotted, crown

[Supa Bwe]
Ain't no pus*y in my archetype..
Indica feel like a drop slide..
The wind is not on our side..

[Carl 2x]
Ive seen way too much..
Way too much time i done spent in the desert im taking a swim
Way too much soul, ain't losing control, im one with the wind
The wind is on our side. the wind is on our side

(Hella Swords)

[Bridge: Carl]
The bright lights vicious, the fight might miss us
The zeitgeist kissed us, from a nice distance
You ain't saying nothing. and the mic listens
It speaks louder than you ever have...

[Verse 3: Carl]
I got the rhetoric the better half
A good percentage this is meta-math
Too futuristic to accept the past
That's why you'll never be effective in the present
Im in love with my position you in love with your possessions
I seeing green, but i'm golden, serene scene in the molding
Creating all of my omens
My granny called to inspire
Make sure my grandkids ain't hungry
With generations of eating, thats how you damage a country
This how we hurt everybody, like charlie and eddie murphy
Chicago nights are eternal, i might just need an attourney
The glass tables are turning, the fact of the matter is
All youve been doing dont concern me
I been trappin' out the jungle, drag a Bengal on my journey
Needle droppin' feeble grinding, temple time I'm tina turning
And my hits are reciprocated, demonstrated GOD COMPLEX
Surrender your halo - you are not god yet!
You are just an object, subject to a world of subjectivity
Sleep visions of me taking ends from my enemies

I just wanna eat, I think I hurt everybody
Room full of meat, im leaving here with everybody's
Walking thru the street, I remember everybody
Dont remember me? I'm coming back for everyone
Does anybody think? ... like hurt everybody thinks

(Beat Switch)

[Verse 4: Supa Bwe]
(Supa in this b*tch) Tryna hurt everybody
Tryna f*ck with a chick who dont f*ck with nobody
Everybody in this b*tch, off some sh*t and they wylin'
Let a n*gga touch the kid, might leave with a body
APEX, tryna leave caz the molly
Feel like steam in my body
Its some green in my body
Its some zan in my body
Its some lean in my body
When im feeding i feel like im living
I feel like a million i feel like john gotti
I feel like im APEX

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