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Hurt Everybody

"Brother Tree"

Said i hardly gave a f*ck, i just parlay with the gods
In the hallway with the rug, with the portraits on the walls
Of all of us, we look like we think we look. with a crown on
And a cape on, and an ipod with my fave songs
The horizon is amazing, got my eyes gone
But my rays on, the day's longer than night now
I'm sleeping longer than i should, i'm dreaming of another place, i think i'm moving to the woods
With brother tree. i'm with brother tree, he's gon cover me from the rain
I gave my all to all i know, i've never seen this love before
I opened doors, you closed my walls, i've never felt this way at all
Oh you found me in a place i'm leaving

Liaison, with a shinigami Asian
The f*ck is they on? Turn that sh*t talk into seance
Dead as f*ck, don't speak peace to a Saiyan
A lonely hearts a heavy heart, I put alot of weight on
Gettin f*cked up, fade on, turn my hate on
Fight a group of n*ggas, I'm saying, I feel way strong
Feel like K kong, with my favorite girl gettin my cake on
Other b*tchs txtin me like baby this my favorite song
Rave on, till a piggy get his taze on
Turn Jamaican, get to shaking piece of bacon
Be like flame on, keep my fame on, n*ggas hate on
The young god like I was Satin, speak via seance
Brother tree
Only Brother Trees gunna cover me from the rain

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