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Supa Bwe

"Grand Apotheosis"

Grand apotheosis you can't stop it
Used to be a broke boy, knew that I'd be popping
Used to be a dope boy, had a little money in my pocket
Eight Franklin faces for the features and it's profit
And I got a bad b*tch, I'm like oh my goddess
And I got this magic, look what I've accomplished
Spent all of 2014 going the hardest
So I'mma spend 2015 going the hardest
Grand apotheosis with the squad on some squad sh*t
Manifesting every single dream I dream that's God sh*t
Yes I'm on some God sh*t, you don't see what I see
I can see the future so you don't speak how I speak
I don't give no f*ck if you don't like me
n*gga say something
Dead boy walking, there's a motherf*cking seance
My kayton
Burn the same color as Akon
Way gone, the red in my cup sippin Napalms
You don't rap how I rap
You rap how I rapped last week
I don't even rap no mo
And this might be my last [beat?]
But Twista said "Supa you next"
I'm not flexin
I bust in I built this sh*t
I'm not flexin
I don't believe in blessings
America's cold and oppressive
Squeezing blood out of rags since I stare at my imperfections
Imperfect in need of lessons but school's just for the wealthy
So this blunt gon' help me carve my own lane and keep me healthy

Smoke some, wake up, roll up, smoke one [x2]
Burn one, smoke one [x6]
Smoke one

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