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Supa Bwe

"Kingdom Of Chicago"

Spark a blunt and read a scripture
I do my work I'm hella gifted

Just a mushroom cloud on the rise..
I reside where the light hides
Long after beams enter blackholes
Never to survive or be seen
Tide rise to the scene
Seen a black moon rise
High tide
Time to leave
Heres a spear for the road
And some ink for your treaties
And don;t shake hands with death cause he's needy
I'm grown
No more night lights on
I'm gone
With a staff and a gong
Funna wake n*ggas up
Bring back to the gold
To the sand
To the thrones
I'm demanding the throne
I'm the man in my town
And a pillar at home
We be caking out side till I get her at home
Bum me a square n*gga give me a smoke
Putting yo city on
This is my Kingdom my home

This my kingdom this my throne
This my battle on the shore
This my kingdome this my throne
Hella battles on these shores

How many of you realy
Ride fo yo n*gga
Lose with yo n*ggas
Win for yo n*gga
Fend for yo n*ggas

[Roosevelt The Titans verse]

You don't even rap for yo n*ggas
You ain't even bout countin Figures
You ain't even bout, bout.. bout

I see you practice puppetry


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