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Charlie Burg

"Hope U Find"

I just need personal space
But shawty move her booty, make the earth finna shake—Let’s roll a doobie, make a movie, maybe put out the tape
She put the oooowie on the two-way
I’ll be right on the way
And I might bring a bouquet
Scoop you like a soufflé
She shining like a new day
I pause playing 2k
You could be my pint of lean
My brother tried to intervene
My n*ggas tried to intervene
But ain’t nobody come between
Moments when I come between
Slip into the aquafine
Finest thing I ever seen
This how I become a fiend
How can I get over her
When she always under me?
How can I get over her
When she always under me?

Hope you find a man, baby
You like
I hope you find a man
You like

Fear god, not them
Steer my Honda coupe through the streets with the roof gone
You say you miss the old me, it show how much you’ve grown
Way out in the islands, baby, I get my groove on
This is living proof like I came out the Group Home
Soon to even see me you gon need a Groupon
White duck, grey goose, keep my glass lukewarm
I be on they heels like shoehorns
The wave too strong
Jackie told me they could miss me if I take too long
Now I’m back, muthaf*cka, it’s on
And I said I’m back, muf*cka, it’s on
Pass the baton, pass the baton—c’mon

Baby I’m a star, should be on Janet titty
Sometimes I play the drums, sometimes I’m on the midi
Long hair, I’m pretty
Got verses aplenty
Got work in the morning but you coming with me




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