(ayyyeee, sh*t)

I got my father's angst
I got my mother's grace
A combination face
I f**king hate this place

My name is not my name
Who's james?

Last chapter, pages lost
Laughter turns to coughs
Ran thru fire, ash in my sock
b*t*h i got,,,,,
5 toes in the coffin
And 5 in the waves
Water my ring, drowning often
Disappear with no trace
Need sum new hope, no stockton
My heart like the caves....
Too cliche, i won't even explain
Distance n spliffs what i'm easin the pain with
Lips n language what i paint with
Jae d never had a stainless
But i'm bouta take the class n u know im gonna ace it!
Cons on with thе double knot laces
Cuz my demons been chasin!
Daylight savings!
Supposеd to feel amazing!
Remember when i had the bronco, no blazer, but stayed blazin?
Now i fall back in the lac, no matrix!
Wine in the basment
Wish that i could taste it
Flavor in my mouth a mix of tears n spliffs i'm facin
Tired of being complacent!
Only thing i'm fearing is (...f**k) f**kin god n the jakes b*t*h!
N she dont even say sh*t!
Making lunch outta pavement
N twistin runtz up in my paper while im running for the train b*t*h!
(heavy breathing)
(f**k! i missed it. f**k me)
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