"House of Glass"

[Verse 1: Jesse Cash and JT Cavey]
My mind's a leech, and I feel so weak
My sleep was deep, and I did not dream
There is a presence here, breathing life into our fears
Russian roulette, the cylinder is full, no gods to interfere

[Chorus: Jesse Cash, JT Cavey, Both]
Requiem, this will destroy you
Before you mourn the passing dream

Requiem, this night won't conclude
House of glass crashes down around you

[Verse 2: JT Cavey]
Spread of self-violence
Complicit in silence
Desire's subsidence
Survive by dеfiance against defeat
Burn it down
Sweep of a nation misguidеd by a righteous hand
Distorted divine
Collective suicide

[Pre-Chorus: JT Cavey, Jesse Cash, Both]
Turbines aflame, like monolithic candles incandescent
In a midnight aura, convulsing bodies in a ritual
My sleep was deep, and I did not dream
Burn it down, burn it down
Pitch black mass
House of glass
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