Julia Engelmann

"AKA BTW Cheatday"

Yeah I know sometimes the world might not
always make sense to you right now.
You feel weak, you're so confused:
Is this even German anymore?
But straighten up, little language soldier.
What're you crying about?
Mommy is always here to put them in order for you.

A.I., ASMR, anti-aging,
AF, AMA, airbrush, airbag,
admin, add-on, all the single ladies
and as always açaí bowl, baby.
BBC, BJJ, back to back, body-check,
beauty shot, beauty kit, botox, b*t*h, boomerang,
breakdance, breakfast, beef, boss, beatbox,
boxershorts, blind date, BÄM,
bliss, bedazzled, bougie, #blessed,
big time, Big Mac, big bucks, Big Ben,
big band, big bang, break a leg,
buzzfeed, business, brainf**k, brainfog,
"boom boom boomdom boom boom boom bass".
Clickbait, cringe clips, cheat day, caption this,
cake, clout, cougar, c*ckpit, cop,
I can't even, can you not?
Diss, degree, disagree, bittersweet that's not D.
Extra, easy, full-on on fleek
flat white, fake lash, faux freckles, freak.
Go!, golden latte, granny panties,
generally, gluten, glamping,
ghetto, gospel, glam, team gay.
Equal gender, equal pay.
Hailey, I know you miss your handbag
and I know...home office hype
but I'll buy *humblebrag* headbands
and (high five) Harry Styles hairstyles.
I like Insta, I like ice cream,
it's iconic, IF, iced tea,
I like, IDGAF, and I'm so hear for that Blue Ivy.
Joggen, jobben, jumbo, JOMO,
junkfood, junkmail, Joker, jet stream,
Joy Division, joystick, jam sess',
jingle, jeans and Jetski.
Lose yourself, it's a lewk, gives me life, lip kit,
low-key, lunchtime, let's do it, let it go, go,
loft, late night, lift, live, lit, light,
literally, lifetime.
Music makes you lose control,
midlife crisis, mix, I'm not mad,
meal prep, my face when, mansplain, mukbang,
milf, mail, my milkshake, microfinance, MMA.
Nooooooooooow this is a story all about N,
so: nonprofit, never mind, not, never, no,
I'd like to say offshore and odd choice and OH,
so tell you how I became the prince of a pop-up store,
pro, place, PopSockets, pun, peppermint,
PowerPoint, plug-in, Panama Paper, print,
peace, pipeline, pin, PewDiePie.
Quote queen.
Room tour is for real, reboot, RT, relevant,
ranking, rave, reset, rafting, roaming, realtalk rant.
"Shimmy shimmy ya, shimmy yam, shimmy yay",
sugar daddy, sugar babe, "Swalla la la",
Stan, superstitious, my snap, back zip slip,
soy boy, scam, sister, spill the tea, sh*tstorm,
snake, shook, suspicious, my shake, shot, shirt, ship,
spinn-off, Snape, sip, skirt, shameless plug, sitcom.
Why are we all super stressed out? (stressed out)
Why is her name Stormi Webster? (Webster)
Swaghetti Yolonese, sad, small talk, Scorsese,
and why do we all want to stand out? (stand out)
Too cool for school, too soon, time's up,
to go from trash pop to topshop,
that feeling when, double tab, teenager, thrust tweet,
thumbnail, TanaCon, too long, did not read,
team, tattoo, training, ticket, trick or treat.
USP, UPS, VR, vegan, vape wort it?
Web, wording, wake-up call, worksheet,
and my WIFI woke up like this, Winehouse,
why are you winning that wicked game?
White House, work-life-wrap, whistle-blow,
winter game, whiteout.
Young money.
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