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Otis Redding


Verse 1

Ohhh lemme get in here
I was just in here
It wasn't poppin before
Must've bussin back then
Fck it, im bussin now
In the zone
I wrote this with Otis & 808's playing
While gettin faded
Im feeling todays the day
Im getting my sht together
& handling business
Im living
Appreciate fate
Switch up the flow i'll get u to listen
I'm all about cadence - been had a vision
This for my people stuck in the system
Generations consumed with addiction
I really thought i was bout to make a difference
Lil part of me thinking i can still
Yeah, that's the optimist in me
Lets get it
I'm optimus prime w/ this sht / i'm a leader
I been one - i'm yellin out P PHI
My team bout to Step up so move...
They Kappa - i'm captain w/ this sht
I'm needing to see vibes
Got a flow that'll put up numbers on that board if u let it
Keep your (dreams x4)
Alive while you living
I'm live as fck / now they get it
Line em up - let em all get tickets asap
Sht got rocky for a minutes
But this my creed & i'm locked in it
Got these dreams inside, its just different


Tryna turn a daydream to reality
But its difficult- the road
I put in front of me
Look what I've done to me
Its cause my (dreams)
Mmmhm Otis know
My soul is in it - im oh so independent
But it's part of the reason why I'm not in it
Like I wanna be
It's cool, I'm honored to be here
Let it be clear
I pushed em all out
It was easier to go at it solo
Or so I thought
Is better when you share em
This a letter, you can hear it
You got (dreams)
You got vision?
Make it real
If you trip or if you bail
Get to lifting yaself up & gettin busy
Move around ya city
Sitting around isn't how...

Aye im tryna b a better person
Its gettin urgent
Im steppin up
Confessin all my sins
When i see heavens pearly - gates
Yeah, coming in cleansed
Never was baptized
& that ain't the reason why i get chastised
I believe every action that happens...
You know the rest - reaction
Equal & opposite
You get what you give back
& that can keep ya back against the wall if you an as*h*le /
But, fortunately for me i figured it out
In fact - i got the drop on myself
I had to stop and get help
Its like after high school
I only thought of myself & this career
I wasn't hearing it
I caught it
I will- not be the same guy i was
I really had to deal with it
I wasn't a good friend to a few people so i reach out & make amends
It takes steps to get even with them
& apologize

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