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Broke as sh*t, I just wish that I could cope a bit
I'm  sick and tired of hoping this life will get better I'm over it
I'll  drown in my tears, and forever fear
Letting another person get near
The last of a heart that I have
I'm  trippin' out and not off of a tab
But  I wish that I was, I hate when I'm sober
I love being buzzed, I wish it was over
I'll  always have some kind of chip on my shoulder
Even if I loved her I still wouldn't show her

You only care for me when it's too late
I don't want friends cause everybody's fake
I'm  already broken, so stop adding weight
I'm fading away and I'm starting to shake
Life is a b*tch so f*ck it
I'm tired of all of the f*ck sh*t
I'll start not giving a f*ck quick
This life is nothing but tough sh*t
You can't put me together I'm too far apart
Black in my lungs & black in my heart
Don't ask me to save you, don't know where I'd start
The knife in my back is so f*cking sharp

I'm a piece of sh*t & I know that sh*t
The girl who broke my heart? I don't know the b*tch
Yeah I care a lot but you won't notice it
Cause you can't break my heart if I don't open it
I'm a locked up, dying, low life
I'm living it wrong, so taking it's right
And the sunlight f*cking so bright
Don't wanna make plans, I'm staying inside
I'm making a song, I'm up all night long
This sh*t do more than you ever done
For me so it's peace to most people I know
Ain't ask you stay so I think you should go

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